Program Environments

Weekends with Junior High Life - Sundays - 9:00am & 11:00am - Room (206)

It seems that no matter how much sleep you have had, it is tough to get to church on Sunday mornings.  We wake you up with our weekends with Junior High Life in a fun interactive environment built around a table filled with a leader, a group of your friends and conversations that matter to you.  Come join us in an environment where you are not talked at, but your friends and you get to do some of the talking. 

Junior High Life D-Groups - Wednesdays - 6:45pm - Room (206)

Making it through a whole week on your own can be tough.  It helps to know that there is a place that you can come, be yourself and get recharged.  If you are looking for this place, then Junior High Life D-Groups are the place for you.  Join us as we get together, laugh, have a good time, hang with friends and leaders that care, and of course study the Lord's word.