Our mission is simple… 
making disciples who LOVE Jesus. SERVE others. SHARE the Story.

To live out a lifestyle of worship begins with a love for Jesus and moves us to serve Jesus through our various gifts and abilities and sharing the story of Jesus with others through the message of the Gospel. 

We believe that as a church, if we equip our people through Biblical teaching to live out a lifestyle of worship, within the context of deep relationships with other believers they will continue to grow and become spiritually mature and will make an impact in their homes, local communities, the nation and world - for the glory of God.


The Passions of a Disciple paint a vivid picture of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ at Coast Hills.  

A disciple, as a result of God’s love, passionately…

• Lives 24/7 for God  (Worship)
• Reads and reflects on God’s Word  (Bible)
• Loves people  (People)
• Walks with Jesus  (Devotional Life)
• Looks to the interests of others  (Serve)
• Invests financially in the work of God  (Give)
• Can’t stop talking about Jesus  (Proclaim Christ)
• Does life with other believers  (Biblical Community)

To help you learn about these Passions, we have developed a small group curriculum entitled "the Passions of a Disciple" . Click here to find out more!