Graphic Design | Help collaborate, create and produce interactive communication pieces. Help clarify and clearly communicate with use of your gifts to glorify God and support the church.

Photography Team | Our Photography team supports all Coast Hills events, including; weekend services, large seasonal events,  BBQ’s, even tagging along with our students as they go to camp.

Web Design | Help us maintain and develop content, unique ideas and other interactive ideas on our website.

Visual Displays | Help us create stunning visual displays throughout the Coast Hills Campus (Seasonal).

Marketing | Provide support with branding and marketing Coast Hills Community Church to the surrounding neighborhoods and cities.

Video Editing | Responsible for editing, converting and uploading the weekend message.  Training available, and no previous experience is necessary. Our video editors process and help place media projects on the web and for other distribution.

Please click here to contact a representative from communications for more info on any of these areas.