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Your child will experience a loving environment from Kindergarten through 3rd Grade as they have fun together, connecting with amazing leaders, praising and worshiping our Lord through:  song, exciting hand motions, and interactive teaching directly out of God's Word — all designed for each age level.
  • Computer check-in begins 20 minutes prior to service.
  • Saturdays & Sundays:  Kindergarten through 3rd Grade meet in downstairs classrooms
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Weekends … Saturdays 5pm  or  Sundays 9am & 11am

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We really want to equip you as parents to be the primary spiritual nurturers of your kid's faith. Each week in Kid life we provide a Homefront Weekly.  This “pre-teach take-home sheet” will give you all that you need to facilitate weekly spiritual conversations with your kids. Each age group has a specific take-home sheet tailored to there developmental stage. This pre-teach take-home sheet will contribute greatly to our time together the following weekend as we all come together and celebrate what you have taught them. Some of the sections in the Homefront Weekly include: “Just for Fun," “Did You Know?” and “Teachable Moments.”  There is even a section that will give you an opportunity to pray a blessing over your kids.  I look forward to what God is going to do as we all make an effort to nurture our kids' faith. See you this weekend! 

Click here for this week's Homefront Weekly for 1st - 5th Grade!