Coast Hills Family Camp @ Forest Home

August 10-15, 2014
Ron Cline - Speaker

What is Forest Home Family Camp?
It’s 6 nights of free child care. Thanks to our amazing complimentary Child Care Assistants (teenage girls called CCAs), your children can be cared for each evening, giving you alone time with your spouse. (CCA’s are available for babies and children sixth grade and younger.)

What is Forest Home Family Camp? It’s 17 meals prepared for you including 2 adults-only dinners.  Enjoy our delicious meals and leave the cleanup to us. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price of camp.)

What is Forest Home Family Camp? It’s Quality time with your kids and spouse. No errands, no deadlines, no PTA – just you and your family making memories in the great outdoors. Play games, hike, swim, or simply take a walk together.

What is Forest Home Family Camp? It’s Growing in faith with your family. Spiritual conversations can be hard to have in a busy home. At camp, you and your kids will explore the same Scriptures daily, with lots of time to dialog about faith.

When Registering: Make sure you inform Forest Home that you are with the Coast Hills Community Church Families!

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Click here to download the Family Camp flyer (PDF).