Growing Up 

By Jennifer Soza

/files/chcc images 2 - about us/Unfolding/Lexi.jpgLexi Montgomery.  The very name evokes images of enthusiasm and sophistication.  But what’s behind the name?  In this case, it’s a pleasant young lady who is honest, confident, and wise beyond her years.  Though she is unusually mature, make no mistake about it, Lexi Montgomery is still growing up!  She is eleven years old, and her goal is to spread God’s Word.

Like most pre-teen girls living in south Orange County, Lexi is surrounded by appealing distractions.  She could easily fall prey to any one of them and allow her day-to-day life to be consumed by their demands and promises.  Her generation is developing amid a superabundance of worldly values portrayed in books, music, television, and movies.  She has felt the pain of divorce.  Her life has not been perfect, but what she has gleaned from her experiences is the recognition of her need for Jesus.

As a four-year-old child, Lexi decided she wanted to follow Jesus.  With her mom and brother beside her, she got on her knees and asked God to forgive her of her sins and to guide her to live as Jesus did. At age five, her family joined Coast Hills.  Each time she came to church, the loving staff of Kid Life modeled and shared God’s Word with her.  Lexi had a growing desire to know the God she was following.  Her wisdom increased as she daily learned what it meant to know, to love, and to serve God.

One of Lexi’s dreams was to be a part of the Power Hands ministry led by Carly Stockton and Dana Meenzhuber.  The Power Hands combine music and motion to lead worship in Kid Life and sing God’s praises.  Lexi now lives that dream serving the four to eight-year-old children at church – and loves it! As a Power Hand, she also helps lead on stage each summer during VBS.  When leading, Lexi notices how the younger kids look up to the Power Hands.  She is mindful not to let it inflate her ego by staying focused on why she is on stage.  With true humility Lexi emphasizes, “Even though I am the one on stage, it’s not about me; it’s about God, and He deserves all the glory./files/chcc images 2 - about us/Unfolding/Lexihands.jpg

Another ministry in which Lexi serves is called Indy Life.  Indy Life is a group of middle school boys and girls who seek to deepen their faith and widen their service to God and others.  An important aspect of their ministry is serving as an ambassador on campus for the Coast Hills students who attend the same school. They also memorize scripture together and focus on servant leadership in various ways at church and in the community.

Lexi has participated in many kids’ camps throughout the years, but it was at Hume Lake in 2011 that she felt the most inspired.  Of course rock sliding was her favorite activity, but it’s what God did in her heart that she treasures most.  Lexi recalls, “Wow, God changed my life!”

God knows exactly why He chose Lexi Montgomery to serve Him - because her heart is devoted to Jesus Christ.  Instead of centering her life around material possessions and impersonal social scenes, she’s embraced the opportunity to grow up in a spirit of power and discipline that comes from knowing Christ.  “He has healed my heart,” she smiles, and for that, she is thankful.

Someday Lexi hopes to serve the church as a worship leader.  Right now she’s happy to find spare time to dedicate to swimming and to baking with her mom, who Lexi says has always been an inspiration to her, with her caring heart and positive attitude.  Together they make a delicious banana bread!  And together, Jesus and Lexi are going to declare God’s Word to the world!  Lexi summarizes her calling with this humble insight, “I want to serve others because God has served me.”

“O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds.”
       —Psalm 71:17