After much prayer and seeking God's direction, the Spirit has led us to a church in Beaumont, Texas, which has been decimated by Hurricane Harvey. Because they are a small community and 80 miles east of Houston, they have already been forgotten. The majority of all the efforts are based in Houston and around the immediate surrounding area, and the cameras and news media have long left this town. They have had one short-term mission team from New Jersey and another from Arkansas, and are now left alone to fend for themselves. They have estimated that there are approximately 2200 homes in the surrounding communities that have sustained water damage and their homes need to be mucked out.
We have entered into a partnership with Christ Community Church which has a church body of 60 believers. We will love, serve, and pray over the people in Beaumont and in the surrounding towns.
We will start sending teams this Saturday afternoon and will be returning the following Saturday. When the team lands, they’ll have a van parked at the airport waiting for them for the commute to Beaumont.  At the end of the week, they will return the van to the airport parking lot and the team that is flying in will have a set of keys and will repeat the process. From John Wayne airport to Houston international, the flight will be nonstop on United Airlines. As of today, a round-trip ticket is $280.00 (certainly subject to change).
Teams will be sleeping at the church, which will be our home base and meals will be served. All tools, supplies, gloves, respirator masks, and safety equipment will be provided. We will spend two days in the mucking out people’s homes and the next day on the streets talking to the residents, sharing Jesus, and praying over this incredible community. People are so receptive to talk about Jesus during these troubling times.
We will train our teams about the emotional and psychological process that individuals are going through, which will better equip us to love and pray over them. If you have never shared your faith or are apprehensive to do so, this will be the perfect opportunity because everyone is so receptive and are grateful for what they have.  We will have the honor to be able to attend their church service on Sunday along with daily morning devotionals and prayer time.
Your life will be changed, forever.  I promise.
The need is so great and we will focus on one family at a time as we serve, love, and pray over them.

If you are interested in joining one of the relief teams, please click below.

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