Basic Beliefs


The eternal God exists as three distinct persons:  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


Each person has been created in the image of God and is deeply loved by Him.


God has revealed Himself through the person of Jesus Christ, His inerrant Word found in the Holy Scriptures and His creation.


From nothing, God created all things in seven days for His glory.


Each person has been separated from God and falls short of His glory, leaving humanity in the desperate need of salvation.


God provided His gift of grace through faith alone in Christ alone.


Global followers of Jesus who have been saved by faith and set apart to continue His mission as the Body of Christ.

Baptism and Communion

The outward and visible response of an existent internal and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

End Times

Prior to the seven years of tribulation, the Church will be raptured from the world and return with Christ at His second coming, to rule and reign with Him for a literal 1000 years before the eternal age.