1. Pick a specific day of the week that works for your household and commit to it.
  • If you have to miss a week, don't worry! Start over the following week. 
2. Prep, shop and cook together.
  • THIS is where the conversation starts.
  • If you need helping knowing what to make, check out our Let's Stay Home cookbook below! 
Proceeds from this cookbook go to our COVID fund, helping individuals and families who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. 
3. Do Acts 2:42 at your Family Dinner!

  • Break bread by eating together.
  • Open God's word together to learn the Apostles' Doctrine. Ideas coming soon! 
  • Fellowship together by having conversation about what you're learning and by making what you're learning practical. Ideas coming soon!
  • Close in prayer together.


email us with questions about family dinner

order our 'Let's Stay Home' cookbook!

Week of June 13th...

This week's LIFE skill is to CELEBRATE GOD'S PROVISION.

Open your bibles to Matthew 6:11 and read together:
Give us this day our daily bread."
Together, answer this week's discussion questions:
1. Do you ever worry about where your 'daily bread' will come from? (Worrying about IF you will eat or not?)
2. As part of 'the Lord's Prayer,' Jesus is showing us that it's okay to pray for the provision of 'daily bread.' Do you pray about this need?
3. How can you show your thankfulness for God's provision?
Practical: So often, we focus on what we don't have. Take time to ask God to open up your eyes to see ALL that He has blessed you with. Celebrate those things throughout this week.