Kid Life Birth-5th Grade

We are so excited you decided to join us in Kid Life! Our desire is to create an environment where you feel welcomed, loved, cared for and it’s a place your kids wake you up on Sunday’s because THEY want to come back!


Birth - 2 year olds

These ‘Little Ones’ are cared for by loving volunteers who hold, rock, sing to and play with your precious ones…as you are learning more and more about Jesus in BIG Church!

3 year olds

These 'Little Ones' will hear Bible Stories, sing songs, and memorize the first 10 Books of the Bible! And of course, they will also enjoy goldfish crackers and our FUN playground!


This is a fun-filled place where all kids are being pointed to Jesus.  Every weekend we show kids that Jesus is alive, loves them, will always be with them, and has a plan for their life within HIS Story!

1st-5th Graders

This is a wildly fun, actively engaging, and purposefully focused ministry for children in 1st-5th Grade.  We aim to continue to point every child to Jesus and help them build a strong foundation of FAITH.