Why Give

God has called Coast Hills to be a church marked by radical generosity toward Him and those He loves. This begins with obedience and grateful response, giving our first and best back to the One who has given all on our behalf. As we grow our whole-hearted investment in God’s work, we believe this will ignite joy-filled generosity that will not only bless others, but also break bonds of hindrance in our own hearts and lives.
Where do we start? Before we go to the movies, before we buy groceries, before we make a car payment, or before we fund our retirement, we give the first and the best. If Coast Hills Church is your spiritual family we ask everyone to prayerfully give first a percentage. Our hope is to see everyone in the Coast Hills Church family giving consistently, sacrificially, and joyfully.


Giving consistently has to come from a natural, ongoing pattern in our lives as we give back to God from all He has given us. As a part of a church family, we partner together in giving regularly.


Giving sacrificially is going to cost us something. It is an act of worship because it costs us something. God is not interested in our leftovers – He wants our first and best. We give the first and best at personal cost to us, holding one another accountable as a family.


Giving joyfully creates a vibrant freedom within us. It is possible to give cheerfully and with life. As we worship God by giving our first and best, we are given the opportunity to celebrate the adventure together, witnessing the transformation and provision God brings.